Tier Details


Cottagecraft offers a number of different packages, all with different benefits depending on the tier. Currently, our packages and their rewards are as follows:

Basil Tier: $5
- Tier 1 Giftbox each month
- Convenience commands: /fly, unlimited /homes, and the /me command
- Able to color nickname with a specific hex code AND make name a gradient
- Access to #donors channel in Discord
- For PetBlocks: Basic Minecraft blocks (logs, wooden planks, stone, various ores, and some others) and colored Minecraft blocks (stained glass, stained clay, and wool).

Sage Tier: $10
- ALL Basil Tier benefits and:
- Tier 2 Giftbox each month
- Convenience commands: /ec (opens an Ender Chest), /craft (opens a crafting bench) /beezooka (fires an exploding bee)
- For PetBlocks: All blocks included in Basil and playerheads.

Thyme Tier: $15
- ALL Basil and Sage Tier benefits and:
- Tier 3 Giftbox each month
- Convenience commands: /mobspawner (allows you to change the mob type of a spawner), /disposal (opens a portable disposal menu)
- For PetBlocks: All blocks included in Sage, animals, and plushies.

Rosemary Tier: $20
- ALL Tier Basil, Sage, and Thyme Tier benefits and:
- Tier 4Giftbox each month
- Convenience commands: /feed (fills your hunger bar), /pweather (changes the weather for a specific player only)
- Player head and name spot in the Hall of Fame at spawn
- For PetBlocks: All blocks included in Thyme and vehicles.

Mint Tier: $40+
This is our MVP tier, for members that have gone above and beyond with donations supporting the server. This is a manually given role and tier once the user has donated $40+ to the store.
- ALL Tier Basil, Sage, Thyme, and Rosemary benefits and:
- Tier 5Giftbox each month
- /anvil (portable anvil UI), /lay command
- For PetBlocks: All blocks included in Rosemary and access to any head from Head Database!
- more coming soon!

For Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, and Mint Tiers, each tier gets the rewards of the tier before it AND the new tier rewards - for example, Sage Tier gets Basil Tier AND Sage Tier rewards upon purchase. This includes gift boxes - you will get the gift boxes from the previous tier(s) AND the purchased tier at the beginning and end of every month.