Q: Are donor tiers subscriptions, or one time purchases?
A: ALL donor tiers are one-time purchases, meaning that purchasing the tier once will get you the benefits indefinitely. You will continue to get gift boxes every month once the tier is purchased.

Q: Where does money earned from purchases go?
A: All purchases help support the server by assisting with server fees and maintaining the server's premium hosting and store plans, as well as any upgrades!

Q: If I buy something with a gift card, does it go towards my overall donation amount to the server?
A: No. The person who bought the gift card for you will have their overall donation amount increased, but since you did not donate the money, yours will not.

Q: Do I need to donate to be able to play on the server/participate in the community?
A: No. Everyone is welcome to play on the server - donator or not - and the staff is dedicated to preventing Cottagecraft from becoming a "pay to play" scenario. All server packages are for convenience, aesthetics, and extras.

Q: Are donations refundable?
A: As stated in the Terms and Conditions, donations are nonrefundable.