Q: What are Gift Boxes?
A: Gift boxes are kits designed by the staff containing valuable items rewarded to donors - the higher the tier, the greater value the gift box has. Boxes are themed based on the current month and season, and include adorable items pertaining to these (ex. the month of October has a Halloween and fall theme).

Q: Where does money earned from purchases go?
A: All purchases help support the server by assisting with server fees and maintaining the server's premium hosting and store plans, as well as any upgrades!

Q: Do I need to donate to be able to play on the server/participate in the community?
A: No. Everyone is welcome to play on the server - donator or not - and the staff is dedicated to preventing Cottagecraft from becoming a "pay to play" scenario. All server packages are for convenience, aesthetics, and extras.

Q: Are donations refundable?
A: As stated in the Terms and Conditions, donations are nonrefundable. However, if something goes wrong with your bank or it charges back, you can definitely just let me know what's going on and I'm completely open to working with you for an exception. 

Q: Will there be more donor tiers/features in the future?
A: The creation of more donor tiers and rewards is based on several things, including but not limited to, our amount of members, response to donor tiers, purchases, etc. - the staff will keep you updated on this.

Q: How do I retrieve my gift boxes?
A: In order to claim your gift boxes, type the command /kit [kitname] in chat! Each month, they will be named based on the month and the tier. For instance, if you are a sage tier donor, you can claim the /kit octoberbasil and /kit octobersage to get your gifts!

Q: Are donor tiers subscriptions, or one time purchases?
A: ALL donor tiers are one-time purchases, meaning that purchasing the tier once will get you the benefits indefinitely. You will continue to get gift boxes every month once the tier is purchased.