Cottagecraft is a 1.16.4 Minecraft: Java Edition server that has been running since 2019. We pride ourselves in being one of the most welcoming and accepting servers out there, and strive to maintain a strong, tight-knit community that's fun for everyone.



Robin - Owner [He/Him]

Robin has been running Cottagecraft since 2018, and he has a passion for fostering a welcoming and fun community. He is a second year university student in the US and has been playing Minecraft since 2012. He plays competitive Overwatch on a daily basis, and wants to get into other competitive games.


Cal - Moderator [He/They]

Cal has been a member of Cottagecraft since mid 2019 and likes to contribute to the community and work on build projects. Aside from Minecraft, they like Moomins and plushies. They have been playing Minecraft since mid 2019.


Jo - Moderator [He/She/They] 

Jo has been a member of Cottagecraft since July of 2019, and has been playing Minecraft since 2013. She just likes to have fun and help out when she can. They're also an artist and love cats. (He might secretly be one...)


Grace - Moderator [She/Her]

Grace has been a member of Cottagecraft since 2019 and became a council member in 2020. She likes helping out in the community when she can. She's been playing Minecraft for longer than she can remember. She likes drawing, listening to podcasts, or playing D&D in her free time.


Sam - Moderator [She/They]

Sam joined Cottagecraft in May 2020, and has been playing since 2013. They're a fifth year Psych/Gender Studies major in Canada, and in their free time they care too much about JRPG protags.  


Garrett - Moderator [He/Him]

Garrett joined Cottagecraft in July of 2020 and has been helping out ever since. He's a high rank FPS player in games like CS:GO, Overwatch, and COD, and is knowledgeable on dozens of games. He's been playing Minecraft since 2013, and loves to come up with new build ideas and make things look great.